Alaska Burial Insurance

The state of Alaska is called “The Last Frontier” because of its ruggedness and late entry into the union. Nonetheless, Alaskans have equal opportunity for purchasing burial insurance as Americans in the lower 48 states. Family and tradition are at the heart of Alaska, so preparing for final expenses is an important consideration to honor loved ones who kept traditions alive for centuries.

Burial Insurance-Planning for Funeral Expenses

It’s much easier to plan for final expenses when emotions are calm and stable than at an unexpected, future time of loss. There’s no right time to purchase burial insurance, but it’s always better to purchase it sooner rather than later. Funeral insurance plans are easier to understand than most people would guess. Surprisingly, they are affordable too.

Funeral insurance can pay for basic funeral expenses such as preparing documents, sheltering remains, and coordinating a cremation or funeral. Other types of burial insurance plans will cover even more, like medical payments and other outstanding debts.

Types of Funeral Insurance Plans

Planning for funeral expense may seem a bit daunting at first, but once you take time to think through what you want and don’t want in your funeral service, funeral insurance plans begin to make more sense. Making your wishes known prior to death with the purchase of a burial insurance plan makes things easier on family who may wrestle with making decisions after the fact.

The most fundamental final expense plan is a basic plan that covers most of the essential costs of a funeral. Think of it as the “no frills” version of a burial expense plan.  Cremation is an affordable option when final expense funds are limited.

Other types of funeral insurance plans extend to cover additional expenses including caskets or urns. Funeral expense plans may also cover medical bills or other debts that the family members cannot afford to pay.

Cost of Burial Insurance

With the high cost of living in Alaska, securing a burial insurance plan in Alaska makes good financial sense. The average cost of a funeral is $10,000 which is an amount that most Alaskan family members cannot expend on their own, without help from a qualified burial insurance plan. Basic plans can be purchased for a very small premium. Extra coverages can be added for a nominal amount more. A little pre-planning makes for a comfortable future.

Getting the right amount of insurance is important when planning for Alaska funeral expenses. With its rugged terrain and high cost of living, Alaskan living is tough, even for natives. By making sure there is enough funding to cover your final expenses, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that your family members will have enough of their own funds to sustain the high cost of living and extreme weather conditions after you are gone.

couple looking at columbia glacier prince william sound alaska from a boat

Prince william sound alaska from a boat