AZ_000011311015_FullArizona Burial Insurance

Arizona burial insurance is a policy that protects family members after the unfortunate and untimely death of a loved one. The benefits of an Arizona funeral insurance policy can help families manage unexpected funeral costs. Perhaps you are unaware that burial insurance may provide additional benefits such as paying down mortgages or other debts. Final expense planning alleviates the financial burden from your family and other loved ones who are left to manage your estate.

Whole Life Insurance in Arizona

Assuming that you keep your premium payments up to date, your funeral expense 5 plan will be paid to the policy limit to prevent your loved ones from unnecessarily incurring expenses in the event of your passing. The average funeral cost is currently about $10,000 and the costs are expected to rise. Your family members may not be financially prepared to absorb the cost of your funeral expenses; and that’s a burden that you won’t want to leave them with. Purchasing a final expense plan now will offer them comfort and relief later on.

Medical Expense Coverage as a Funeral Insurance Add-on

Many Arizona residents leave behind unsecured debts including unpaid medical bills. It’s often not possible to re-pay the high costs of medical expenses after someone has experienced a long-standing illness because of an unexpected death. Unfortunately, those bills may be passed along to surviving family members, whether they have financial means to pay them or not.

Funeral expense plans include options that offer coverage for remaining medical bills, so that savings and investment funds are not depleted. By adding this coverage for a nominal premium, you can be assured that your loved ones won’t be over-burdened by financial concerns, when they least expect them.

Medical Exams and Burial Insurance

You may be surprised to know that you may be able to find a comprehensive and low-cost burial expense plan that meets your needs, regardless of your age at application.

You may also be wondering whether you will need a medical exam to qualify for a final expense plan. Medical exams may be required and they generally include filling out a questionnaire, providing blood and urine samples, and giving blood pressure, height, and weight. Examiners for funeral insurance plans will usually even come to your home or workplace to complete the medical exam portion of the funeral insurance application. It’s a pretty routine procedure, so it’s nothing to worry about.

The dry, humid air in Arizona attracts retirees from all over the country to popular destinations as Phoenix, the Grand Canyon, and the cooler, Flagstaff area. With so many retirees living in Arizona, options abound for burial insurance plans. That makes Arizona a great state for comparing funeral expense options from a basic cremation or funeral to a more elaborate setting and life celebration. Whether you are healthy or have some kind of pre-existing health issue, you will most certainly find a burial insurance plan that is right for you.