Insurance if you have Cancer

It is possible to receive a Burial Insurance plan even if you get cancer. However, every situation is unique and it is important to see if you can qualify with one of our trusted advisors. Almost everyone to some degree can get a final expense insurance policy.

Cancer effects up over 900,000 men each year and over 800,000 thousand women each year. Sadly, over 46% of Americans will suffer from cancer in their lifetime. With such a high rate of cancer it is a relief  to learn that there is you can still receive insurance if you have cancer and there are many options available for those who have been diagnosed with cancer. When getting ready to apply for an insurance policy after you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, it is important to learn what the insurance companies will look for. Below outlines some common questions an insurance company will ask:

  • When were you first diagnosed with cancer?
  • What type of treatments have you received?
  • What type of cancer were you diagnosed with?
  • What stage was the cancer?
  • When did you begin treatment?
  • Did you receive chemo-therapy or radiation?
  • Did you have any tumors?
  • When was the last date of treatment?
  • Have you had any relapses?
  • Are you cancer free now? How long have you been cancer free?

Can you get a Burial Insurance policy if you are getting cancer treatment? 

Probably the most important thing insurance companies will look at is if you are still undergoing treatment. It is more difficult (not impossible) to receive a burial insurance policy if you are still going through treatment so it is important to talk to a Final Expense agent to see if you can still qualify.

How to get Insurance after Cancer

If your cancer is in remission, and you are done with your treatments you will be able to qualify for a Final Expense Insurance policy. There is a reason that they call Final Expense “No Medical Exam Insurance” it is because there is no medical exam required, meaning even if you have had cancer you can stil qualify for coverage. A final expense policy will be the best option and give you the coverage you need to pay for typical final expenses.  Typically, even though you can get burial insurance after cancer, there will typically be a waiting period before the policy fully matures.

A common structure of a policy can look something like this:

Year 1 of the policy- 25% of your total Burial Insurance benefit

Year 2 of the policy- 50% of your total Burial Insurance benefit

Year 3 of the policy- 75% of your total Burial Insurance benefits

Year 4- your policy fully matures and you are eligible for 100% of your total insurance benefit, even after cancer.

It is completely possible to have the peace of mind that burial insurance can bring even after cancer. You will be surprised how affordable your insurance after cancer monthly premium will be and how much Final Expense insurance you can qualify for.